Monday, March 5, 2012

In which I mention the dog(s)

Tonight I am dog-sitting for my parents. They are going away for a few days next month, and I will be watching Milo. He’s staying here tonight so that I can see whether he will be able to stay here, or if Bella and I will have to go stay at my parents’ house.

I can tell you right now that he's not staying here again.

Maybe it’s not fair to judge him on his first time here. He’s out of his comfort zone. I'm okay with the rough-housing with Bella. I can put up with the pacing, and his neurotic need to jump up to look out every single window. Bella did that too when we first moved in. 

But Bella didn’t pee on my bed.

Not 30 seconds into his visit, he lifted his leg and sprayed my 650 thread-count duvet cover. I bought it in an impulsive moment online before I moved in, before I blew through half my savings, and realized I needed to furnish this new life with furniture from Craigslist and table cloths from Goodwill. 

The thing is, between working full-time and hanging out with my family and friends, most of the time I spend in this new house is in that bed. And it’s damn comfortable. The sheets are just as thread-county (and expensive) as the cover on the down comforter. It’s like sleeping in a cloud, if clouds were warm and dry instead of cold and wet.

Thanks to Milo, it is still like sleeping in a cloud. But only if clouds were made of pee.

My back yard has also received a thorough soaking, but I expected that. Milo is a natural outdoorsdog. He bounded through the ivy and the pine needles and scaled the boulders. 

Milo, ever-vigilant, guards the house from cats. Bella guards it from sticks.

Although he's a total klutz indoors, outside he has an elegant grace which only augments the complete clumsiness of Miss Bella, who gets tangled in the ivy and slips in the pine needles. Today she tried to jump from one small rock to another and completely lost her balance.  

Moments after this photo was taken, she stood on the racquet and it flew up, rake-like, and smacked her in the face. 

I'm glad they both enjoy the yard so much - it is a big part of the appeal of this property. I walk the fence daily to make sure there are no signs of digging, and everywhere there are signs that it will be a beautiful spring. Already there is more green than I ever thought capable in this arid, high desert prairie. But my new house is near the forest. I am surrounded by trees much taller than the house. Most of the trees are pine, and never completely drop their needles. But there are plenty of leaf-less trees to hint of even denser foliage to come, and relief from the relentless summer sun. 

No sun tonight though.


  1. Maybe Bella didn't pee on THIS bed, but she has peed on beds you were occupying before, yes?

  2. No. It's always been Milo. He peed on my bed every time Allison's kids came to visit.

  3. Sad to say Milo and I have, or had something in common......of course it was many many years ago....beds are great places to pee...that is...until about 10 minutes later when the temperature drops...
    Confessions of a Former Bedwetter....