About this site

Hi. I'm Megan C. Hammond.

2015 Update: I just renewed my domain name for another two years. Two years ago, I renewed it, and then didn't post anything. This time, I'm gonna try to post more ... if only to justify the $26. 

My puppy is now 4 years old. I did not train her very well. She farts when she eats cheese. There is a lot of cheese in the fridge because I am not a vegan anymore. 

And that's literally all I can think of at this moment that's changed in the past 4 years. 

2011 About me stuff: 

I started this project while I was unemployed. I found a job in September 2011. In a way, this blog and The Daily Theme helped me get this job, but not because anyone had read it. Still, Web-based projects are going to be part of my new responsibilities, so that's pretty cool.

I grew up in Prescott, AZ. Which is also where I live now.

I have a BA in Creative Writing. 
And an MA from a library school in England. 

I lived in England for almost 7 years, and spent the final 4 working as a librarian in a maximum security prison in a little town called March, in Cambridgeshire. 

When my work permit expired, I moved back to the United States in June 2010 to be closer to my family. Needless to say, I misunderestimated the state of the economy and my job search took more than a year, but made the most of my free time. 

I got a puppy. 
I went to a lot of movies. 
I'm experimenting with vegan cuisine, although these days, my attempts are mostly unsuccessful.

For a year, I wrote every week day at The Daily Theme, which is a project I started with my mother in September 2010. You can read more about that project here.   I often write about my puppy. And vegan cuisine.

This website has had several incarnations. It started off as a professional portfolio, as well as a way to practice my web-authoring skills.  Over the past year, I've been writing a lot about being a librarian and it occurred to me that I should combine love of writing with my professional interests. So, I transferred over the essays related to libraries and information, and I intend to update regularly on those subjects. Sometimes there will be cartoons.

Thank you for reading.