Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cottage

DISCLAIMER: This entry has nothing to do with reading, writing, reference or librarianship... it's just the only place I could think of where I could easily display these pictures. 

We have previously established that I am no longer unemployed. Consequently, I am also no longer living with my parents. I decided, when I moved into this new place, that I would paint the entire house.  It's a very small house, more like a cottage, but still I underestimated the amount of work it would take (I am not finished actually, but I'm as done as I'm going to be for awhile). I also did not anticipate that I would change my mind about the color, repaint half the house, change my mind again, have a complete freak-out breakdown, and then decide I was okay with the new color after all. Fortunately, there was no photographer present for the middle part, so the screaming and crying went undocumented. 

It goes without saying that I couldn't have done this without the help of some very good friends -- as well as my parents, and of course, my cousins who own the house. All photo credits go to my friend Cassie -- who also did more than her share of painting. 

This is the front door, and the alcove which is part of the living room.
This is the color green I thought was going to be Sage, but came out Neon Lime.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but believe me -- the greens are very different.

This is the dining area, and kitchen. And the heater in the floor.
The dining area now.
The Kitchen, before.
The Kitchen, after. I only have 3 spices in that spice rack -- salt, pepper and cumin.
Here we see Bella staring fixedly at the fridge, which she has learned to open.

The bedroom, before. I didn't think the bed would fit...
But it did.

Evidence that I did some work. This part was unpleasant. 

Evidence that I had help. Also, this is the office -- before.
The office after. Those are only a fraction of my books.
The Occupants.

 We are settling in, the dog and I. It's definitely been an adjustment. Bella is not a fan of the heater in the floor, nor the noises it makes. I am not a fan of her opening the fridge for a snack at 3 AM. Living downtown is great though -- and I see more of my friends now that I'm more conveniently located. I have met several of the neighbors, and even helped one catch a rooster which had escaped its pen. That was not an experience I expected to have in this (sort-of) urban setting. 

Anyway, there you go -- my new place. In the picture above, I am sitting on a futon. That's where the guests will stay -- though you may have to share it with Bella.


  1. How exciting, Megan! Your place looks cute and homey!...Cathy

  2. I would like to live there. Dad

  3. It's adorable. Looks very cozy and happy. I love the colors. So you have a BR and an extra room that you use as an office...nice. Great last photo. Living near town where you can walk to everything is the best. You got it all Megs! And you deserve it.
    Paco and friend